Dynaflow, Inc. provides quality research and development services and products in fluid dynamics and material sciences. As a leader in the fields of gas liquid interface dynamics, bubble dynamics, cavitation, fluid structure interactions and erosion dynamics, we offer services and products for the naval and marine, automotive, energy, chemical, environmental and food and agriculture industries. We pursue an inter-disciplinary approach to problems and have strategic collaborations with federal agencies, commercial enterprises and universities.


Dynaflow, Inc. was a finalist in TechConnects World 2023 Business Program and received an Innovation Award
Dynaflow, Inc. was afforded the opportunity to present a pitch at the 2023 TechConnect World Innovation Challenge. Dynaflow was a finalist and received an Innovation Award for the pitch titled " A Software Tool for Microbubble Enhanced HIFU for Non-Invasive Tumor Ablations" If you are an investor who may be interested in this innovation, please contact Dr. Jingsen Ma"

Dynaflow, Inc. recently published the paper "Hybrid Message-Passing Interface-Open Multiprocessing Accelerated Euler–Lagrange Simulations of Microbubble Enhanced HIFU for Tumor Ablation" in ASME's Journal of Biochemical Engineering
Dynaflow Inc. has been published in ASME's Journal of Biochemical Engineering .” You can See the Paper Here


Weather Resistant ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer®© : Laboratory versions of the ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer have been available for many years, but recently the system was redesigned with field applications in mind. The weatherproof instrument is housed in a rugged and water-resistant wheeled traveling case. A rugged laptop computer is provided to control the software and operate the instrument. Power can be supplied through a GFCI protected connection on the outside of the case. The hydrophone pairs are embedded in streamlined PVC holders, with an adjustable handle and frame for field sampling. The entire system can be placed inside the case for transportation and shipping. ...... Learn More


Solid Particle Impingement Erosion Test (ASTM G76):  Dynaflow, Inc. possesses test facilities to investigate material erosion and resistance to solid particle impingement. We can conduct tests as per ASTM G76 and its variants depending on customer’s needs. Learn More .

Interrupted Water Jets:  Dynaflow possesses the capabilities to conduct material erosion tests using DynaJets interrupted waterjets. Interrupted waterjets create impulsive impact pressures from a droplet stream. The waterjet droplet erosion tests offer the following advantages ... Learn More