A Two-Dimensional Free Surface and Bubble Dynamics Code

2DynaFS© is a computer program for studying bubble dynamics in situations for which the assumption of axisymmetry can be made. This program can handle the dynamics of single or multiple bubbles in an infinite liquid medium, near a free surface, near a “globule” or a “cell”, near an axisymmetric rigid and responding body, near a finite plate, and near an infinite wall (i.e. in a half-space). The following physical effects can be included in the analysis;

1. Gravitational forces along the axis of symmetry

2. Various bubble/cell contents and interface laws

3. An optional external flow field e.g. a line vortex (Rankine and Lamb models) or a user provided axisymmetric flow field

4. Multiple bubbles and bodies

5. Polytropic gas law for the non-condensable gas inside the bubble

6. A free surface

Because the physical problem is discretized only in the meridional plane and azimuthal effects are analytically integrated, the code is very efficient for studying axisymmetric fluid flow in the presence of large free surface deformations. Additional configurations required by customers can be added upon request. Dynaflow, Inc.® can also customize the program through mutual arrangement.

Axisymmetric study using 2DynaFS©


Two interacting bubbles near a fixed plate.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Explosions near floating and submerged bodies and near ocean free surface
  • Bubble deformation in vortex flow fields
  • Multiple bubble interaction
  • Fluid structure interactions
  • Cavitation inception and noise
  • Bubble-cell interaction
  • Post-touchdown bubble behavior
Bubble behavior in a line vortex
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