3DynaFS©, which stands for “Three-Dimensional Dynamics of Free Surfaces”  is a general Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software suite, specialized for  the study of the large deformations and interactions involved in bubble dynamics, cavitation, two-phase flows, surface waves, ship hydrodynamics, and fluid/structures interactions.  3DynaFS© includes a set of specialized modules for handling a variety of fluid dynamics problems. 


Each of the modules can be used alone or as part of a suite of modules coupled together through coupler interfaces.  In addition, the software suite can couple with structure dynamics code such as Dyna3D, EPSA, or Nike3D to simulate fluid structure interaction problems though a standard coupler interface.
Many elements of the  3DynaFS© software suite have been extensively validated with in-house experiments as well as with field tests in government laboratories, and comparisons with results from the literature. 
Application Areas

3DynaFS© has been used for applications in the naval and marine, energy, chemical, food and medical fields including for modeling and studying bubble dynamics in:

  • Fluid – structure interactions,
  • Bubble deformation in vortex flow fields,
  • Multiple bubble interactions,
  • Cavitation inception and noise,
  • Bubble – cell interactions,
  • Explosions near floating and submerged bodies and near the ocean free surface,
  • Seismic air guns modeling,
  • Ultrasound contrast agent dynamics and coated micro-bubbles for drug delivery. 
And hydrodynamics in: