Dynaflow, Inc. is active in several areas of environmental and energy research where cavitation, bubble generation, and hydrodynamics can be brought to bear on a problem. We have done extensive work in using the DynaJets® nozzles for oxidation and disinfection applications. The cross-flow filtration unit DynaPerm® has been used to recover and recycle water from many industrial processes such as aquaculture production tanks, and water based paint booth operations. The DynaJets® and bubble generation systems have been used to recover lipids from algae, and to pre-treat woody lignocellulose for ethanol, for biofuel production. While the areas of application are broad, we have focused on using our knowledge of fluid dynamics and cavitation to address some of societies’ most important problems.

 We can also provide chemical analysis of water and wastewater samples, especially non-standard tests such as GC/MS analysis of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in water and wastewater.

Filtration and Water Reuse The DynaPerm® filtration system has been applied to the recovery of water for reuse in industrial paint systems, surface preparation, paint stripping and aquaculture operations.
Disinfection The DynaJets® cavitating jets can be used to disinfect water of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, spores, algae, zooplankton (Artemia and zebra mussel larva). Biofilms can also be removed from surfaces such as ship hulls.
Oxidation of Pollutants The patented DynaJets® cavitating nozzles can be used to remove pollutants from drinking water, wastewater, storm water, and aquaculture water without the addition of chemical oxidants.
Renewable Energy The DynaJets® can be used to recover triglycerides and other bioproducts from algae solutions for the production of biofuels. The submerged jets have also been demonstrated in a recent study funded by the Department of Energy to increase the yield of fermentable sugars recovered from woody lignocellulose biomass for the production of bio-ethanol.
Pharmaceuticals and Personal-Care-Products (PPCP) Analysis Our laboratory facilities are equipped for measurement and analysis polar pharmaceuticals and personal-care-products in water and waste water.
Oceanography and Limnology The ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer has been used to determine the bubble concentration and bubble size distribution in near-shore waters.