CaviJet® Cavitating Liquid Jets

The CaviJet® technology deliberately induces cavitation in front of the nozzle to produce extremely high, very localized stresses on a surface due to bubble cavity collapse in the jet stagnation region. This provides:

  • Enhanced erosive power for cutting and cleaning
  • Reduced pumping power requirements

Sandstone cut by a CaviJet® Cavitating Waterjet

StratoJet® Self- Resonating Jets

The StratoJet® technology utilizes a passive acoustic resonance created by flow interaction with the nozzle and upstream chambers to induce the formation of large vortical ring cavities which collapse on the target. These jets:

  • Employ no moving parts
  • Greatly enhance jet erosive power resulting in reduced pumping power requirements
  • Cavitate at high ambient pressures and are thus particularly effective in applications such as deep hole drilling
  • Acoustic resonance is achieved by using an organ pipe design and matching the natural frequency of the turbulent jet with that of the specially designed nozzle assembly, resulting in organized vortical ring structures.


Rings of cavitation from a StratoJet® StratoJet® Cavitating Jet Hard Cement Removal

>>> See Write-up from US Dept. of Energy

DynaSwirl® Cavitating Swirling Jets

The DynaSwirl nozzle employs a rotating flow to create a very low pressure at the center of the vortex core which cavitates. This cavitation can form a helicoidal shape with a vortex breakdown at the subjected surface near the orifice. This nozzle has several advantages:

  • It achieves cavitation at very high cavitation numbers (i.e. very low jet speeds or very high ambient pressure)
  • Produces a helical cavitation mode in addition to vortical ring cavities
  • Produces larger cavitation surface area
  • Generates very fine bubble

Successful applications include:

  • Disinfection of micro-organisms
  • Oxidation of chemical contaminants
  • Water aeration

Strobe Photo of a DynaSwirl Showing Formation of Corkscrew Shape of Cavity

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