Dynaflow, Inc. markets hardware products developed by its engineers and scientists. These mainly address multiphase flow applications, including acoustic diagnostic instrumentation for bubble size distribution measurement, bubble generators and aerators, specialized nozzles for fluid-materials interaction, multiphase separators and filtration systems.

Years of R&D development efforts have resulted in state-of-the-art instrumentation and hardware products. These products can be used for a broad range of applications related to multiphase flows, bubble studies, agricultural and aqua-cultural applications, cavitation studies, surface cleaning, erosion testing, biofuel conversion processes, oxidation, disinfection, wastewater treatments, etc.

Dynaflow is active in customizing these products to tailor them to specific customer needs.

ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer®© The ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer is a commercially available acoustics based device that measures bubble size distributions and void fraction of bubbles in liquids.
ABS Cavitation Susceptibility MeterTM The ABS Cavitation Susceptibility MeterTM (ABS-CSMTM) is based on an acoustic technique to generate and measure cavitation inception in a liquid.
Dynaflow Bubble Generators© Dynaflow has developed different types of bubble generators based on our two patented DynaSwirl and StratoJet technologies
DynaJets Our patented DynaJets cavitating jet technology provides substantially enhanced cleaning and cutting solutions to industries with various applications based on four types of DynaJets
DynaJets Non-Abrasive Diver Tool for Under Water Cleaning Dynaflow’s underwater jet cleaning diver tool reduces propeller fouling removal maintenance time and without being abrasive to the propeller blades.
DynaPerm® DynaPerm®  is a system for enhanced filtration of particles from liquids..