Dynaflow's underwater jet cleaning diver tool reduces propeller fouling removal maintenance time and without being abrasive to the propeller blades.


The DynaJets Non-Abrasive Diver Tool (NADT) is a handheld underwater jet cleaning tool for removing hard and soft fouling from ship’s propellers without damaging sensitive surfaces such as edges and filets. The NADT uses advanced resonating and cavitating jet nozzles in a rotating head housed in a silencer shroud that protects the surface being cleaned and reduces the noise. A counter-thruster with an efficient diffuser is used to counter-balance the thrust from the cleaning jets so that the diver feels no net force.

The benefits to the diver are:

  • Faster removal of hard fouling compared to abrasive brushes,
  • No damage to propeller surfaces
  • Zero-thrust counter thruster so the diver is not pushed away from the blade,
  • Lower ambient noise than other water jet cleaning tools,
  • Light-weight,
  • Neutral buoyancy,
  • Small tool head for access to tight areas such as hubs and fillets.

  • The NADT was shown to remove propeller fouling including calcareous growth and hard and soft biofouling with no damage to the underlying propeller metal. The NADT reduces the propeller cleaning time by half relative to abrasive brushes, which cannot be used on the edges, and does not damage the blade surfaces including edges and fillets.

    The DynaJets Nadt has been approved for US Navy use (ANU 6.4.16 CATI Active). It was first developed under extensive laboratory tests in the Dynaflow laboratories. These were followed by 4 sets of field tests conducted under the auspices of NAVSEA at Norfolk, VA and Hawaii.

    Follow this link to the NADT in action - NADT in Action