3DynaFS-Bem© is a general-purpose simulation tool for nonlinear dynamics of 3D free surface flows and their interactions with submerged or floating structures.


  • Fluid structure interactions
  • Bubble deformation in vortex flow fields
  • Multiple bubble interactions
  • Cavitation inception and noise
  • Bubble-cell interactions
  • Explosion bubbles near floating and submerged bodies and near the ocean free surface
  • Seismic air guns modeling
  • Ultrasound contrast agent dynamics and coated micro-bubbles for drug delivery.
  • Ship hydrodynamics
  • Ship and wave interactions
  • Harbors
  • Ship motion and maneuvering
  • Breaking waves
  • Shallow water effects
  • Nonlinear free surface waves
  • Waves generated by a body motion
  • Complex flow problem of high speed ships with air plenums and air cavities

3DynaFS-Bem© module is based on the boundary element method (BEM) and utilizes Green’s identity to reduce the number of dimensions of the problem by one. A potential field problem is reduced to a solution of the potential and its normal derivative along the boundary of the flow domain. Thus, a flow problem in a 3D domain can be solved by the discretization of the surfaces that surround the flow domain. This method achieves drastic reduction in computational time compared to other volume based fluid dynamic codes, making it feasible to run versions of the code on workstations and high - end PCs.

Simulation of the interaction between two explosions and a free surface with 3DynaFS-Bem©.


  • Extensive validation cases for Navy applications
  • Adaptive time stepping based on a change in the velocity potential
  • A number of solution stabilizing options developed through our long history of bubble studies
  • An axisymmetric version (2DynaFS-Bem©) and a 2D planar version 2D-Bem© are available
  • Compatible post-processing plotting software (3DynaPL®©, DF_Contour®©) is available
  • Compatible with other 3DynaFS modules
  • Customization available

Through Dynaflow’s extensive research activities in the area of hydrodynamic modeling using 3DynaFS-Bem©, we have adapted our codes for various applications and are willing to customize to fit the needs of our customers. We are also able to offer post-processing software which can be custom designed for compatibility with these codes, including 3DynaPL®©, a three dimensional plotting package. 

Hardware Specifications
3DynaFS-Bem© is available for Windows and Linux based PCs.

Predicted wave pattern around a Wigley hull. Comparison of the predicted and experimental wave profile along the Wigley hull.

Bubbles interacting with a cylinder.

Dual Microbubbles.

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