Solid particle erosion can cause serious damage to equipment in many industrial environments such as to oil and gas pipelines and subsea components, steam turbine blades, pumps, fluidized bed combustors, and heat exchangers.

Solid Particle Impingement Erosion Test (ASTM G76). Material Erosion by Solid Particle Impacts

Dynaflow possesses the test facilities to investigate material erosion and resistance to solid particle impingement.

We can conduct tests as per ASTM G76 and its variants depending on a customer’s needs.

These solid particle impingement erosion tests enable the user to determine the resistance of the material or coating to repeated impacts of solid particles, to select the most resistant options, or to evaluate the damage mechanisms and the effect of test variables.

These tests are Characterized By:

  • Adjustable impact speeds: up to 100 m/s. (30 m/s for ASTM G76)
  • Controllable abrasive particle feed rates. (2 g/min for ASTM G76)
  • Various particle type and sizes. (50 m angular Al2O3 for ASTM G76)
  • Adjustable impact angles. (90 for ASTM G76)
Angled Impact Test Setup Particle impact erosion on 1020 Steel after 15 minutes at ASTM G76 Standard Condition