At Dynaflow, we use the Rotating Disk (or whirling arm) facility to study the effects of multiple liquid drop impact. We can conduct ASTM G73 tests and their variants depending on the customer’s needs. The objective of the test is to determine the resistance to erosion or other damage of the materials or coatings under test, or to investigate the damage mechanisms and the effect of test variables.

These tests are characterized by:

  • Adjustable impact speed up to 750 ft/s
  • Controllable number of impacts up to 28,000 impacts per minute
  • Two samples are tested simultaneously
  • Sub atmospheric pressure testing

Rotating Disk for Liquid Impact Test        

Interrupted Water Jets

Dynaflow possesses the capabilities to conduct material erosion tests using DynaJets interrupted waterjets. Interrupted waterjets create impulsive impact pressures from a droplet stream. The waterjet droplet erosion tests offer the following advantages:

  • High speed impacts (up to 1500 ft/s)
  • Flexibility in sample size and geometry
  • Wide range of adjustable erosive power
  • Accommodation of materials with substantially different erosion resistance
  • Economical acquisition of meaningful data using jet facility