Dynaflow, Inc. has extensive experience in basic and applied research, development, testing, and fabrication of bubble generation related devices and systems. We developed different types of bubble generators based on our two patented DynaSwirl and StratoJet technologies. The DynaSwirl bubble generator employs a rotating flow to create a very low pressure at the center of the vortex core which cavitates. This cavitation can form a helicoidal shape with a vortex breakdown near the orifice and generates very fine bubbles. It also allows the easy introduction of air or other gases easily to enhance the generation of bubbles. The StratoJet bubble generator utilizes a passive acoustic resonance created by flow interaction with the nozzle and upstream chambers to induce the formation of large vortical ring cavities which collapse on the target and generates very fine bubbles.

Both DynaSwirl and  StratoJet bubble generators are scalable and versatile, they can be made of different materials and can be custom designed and fabricated to meet the customers specific application requirements. The bubble generators also allow production of bubble sizes ranging from nano to millimeters depending on the configurations and applications. Selection of sizes and pump capacities enables these generators to produce from small to very large flow rates and to spread over a larger area.

The  Dynaflow's bubble generators have found application in  governmental and industrial applications including bubble generation in mercury and large scale bubble generation for environmental applications and naval applications.

Fine bubble cloud created in a reservoir tank using a DynaJeTs bubble generator