3DynaFS© is designed to simulate three-dimensional fluid flows including highly non-linear free surface dynamics encountered in ship hydrodynamics, ocean dynamics and time dependent interfaces separating two or more fluid phases. The following physical effects are included by the user in the analysis:

  1. Gravitational, inertial and mass forces
  2. Surface tension
  3. The presence of a rigid submerged or floating body either remaining stationary or executing a six degrees of freedom motion in response to the loads
  4. Air plenums with the following two models: (a) constant air pressure model and (b) air mass conservation model with air injection and leakage model
  5. Empirical friction force on ship-like bodies

Modeling of NACA0012 hydrofoil translating below the free surface.

Comparison of free surface shape above the NACA0012 hydrofoil. Chord length 0.203 m, α=5, and translation velocity Uin = 0.80 m/s.

Nonlinear wave generated by a ship – 3DynaFS-Bem prediction.


Predicted wave pattern around a Wigley hull.

Comparison of the predicted and experimental wave profile along the Wigley hull.