Through years of theoretical and experimental investigations of free surface problems including surface waves, ship maneuvering, propulsor thrust enhancement, and ship interactions with each other and with the surroundings, we have developed numerical codes that can predict flow fields for many types of free surface related problems. As a result of these studies we are marketing a PC-based ship maneuvering simulator, which includes ship-environment and ship-ship interactions, tugging, ship traffic simulation, and System Identification. We have successfully applied our capabilities to complex flow problems in various areas of ship hydrodynamics including the following areas:

  • Ship-wave interaction (ship motion, ship generated waves, etc.)
  • Six degree of freedom motion for floating bodies
  • Ship-ship interaction and confined water effects (shallow water & bank effects)
  • Nonlinear free surface waves and shallow water waves
  • Wave interaction with harbor structures
  • Nonlinear ship motion with mooring line dynamics
  • Vehicle motion in the surf zone with breaking waves
  •  Air layer/plenum drag reduction, air cavity ships (3DynaFS Hydrodynamics)
  •  Complex flow problem of high speed unconventional ships
  • Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics in Ship Propulsion
  • Ship and waterjet wakes
  • Ship maneuvering simulations (DynaSim)
  • Ship traffic simulations in harbors
  • Ship interactions with waves, harbor structures, and other ships
  • Underwater explosion near a ship and free surface
  • Underwater explosion bubble and structure interaction
  • Fluid structure interactions
  • Ship towed seismic air guns modeling

High speed ship hull with air capture tunnel and its modeling in 3DynaFS-Bem


Ship Simulator Ship maneuvering simulation with confined water effect, harbor traffics, and tug boat operations.
Ship Hydrodynamics Ship wave and motion problems, nonlinear wave dynamics, wave-floating body interaction, air layer drag reduction, and high speed ship hulls .
Ship Propulsion Propeller cavitation and bubbly flow around the screw propellers and waterjet propulsion units.