3DynaFS-Fsi© is the fluid structure interaction module of 3DynaFS© allowing the fluid modules to interact with a structure code through a coupler interface using either MPI or a file passing scheme. 3DynaFS-Fsi© currently couples the 3DynaFS-Bem© module with a six-degrees of freedom rigid body motion solver or with existing structure codes including Dyna3D1 developed by Laurence Livermore National Laboratories, SALINAS2 developed by Sandia National Laboratories, and DLEARN3, a public domain linear static and dynamic finite element analysis program.

The six-degree of freedom rigid body motion solver is included in the FSI module, while the user can procure/ provide the structure code if solving a deformable structure problem is desired. The coupler interface routines are provided with 3DynaFS-Fsi© and enable the user to integrate with own structure code to communicate with the 3DynaFS-Bem© module.

Airgun Bubbles Near Deformable Test Panel.
Interaction of Multiple Bubbles Dynamic and Deformable Floating Vessel.

Acoustic Excited Cavitation Bubble Inside a Flexible Tube.

Acoustic Excited Cavitation Bubble Near a Deformable Plate.

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