ServoJet® Interrupted Jets  

The ServoJet® nozzle employs passive acoustic resonance to create a series of high speed liquid drops, slugs, or vortex rings. This nozzle has several advantages:

  • The ServoJet provides enhanced erosive power for both submerged and non-submerged (in-air) applications and employs no moving parts with minimal internal losses
  • Creates water hammer type pressure pulses due to drop impact
  • Removes various layers of surface contamination, coatings, or paint without damage to underlying surfaces
  • Creates cyclic short duration loading at high frequencies
  • Produces larger outflow velocities and impact areas than continuous jets

Successful applications include:

  • Aircraft paint and coating removal
  • Ship hull cleaning
  • Stripping aircraft carrier deck nonskid coatings
  • Scale and rust removal
  • Asbestos removal

Strobe Photo of a ServoJet® Showing Formation of Slug

DynaJets® nozzles mounted on a rotating head are used to remove three coat paint from a steel plate.

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