Dynaflow is actively involved in applying its fluid dynamics R&D expertise to the development of solutions to environmental problems. This application has resulted in the creation of a number of products in various stages of development and commercialization. These include:

Advanced Oxidation Technology for Water Remediation Using DynaJets® Cavitating Jets which utilize hydrodynamically generated cavitation to create oxidation reactions.

Disinfection utilizing DynaJets® Cavitating Jets to kill and deactivate microorganisms in water.

High Flux Rate Filtration utilizing a DynaJets® Cavitating Jets enhanced cross flow filtration system for suspended particle removal

In addition to these efforts, Dynaflow has developed the ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer®© , an instrument for measuring bubble populations in liquids. The concentration and size distribution of gas bubbles are important environmental characteristic of near-shore waters. Bubbles are often introduced into water undergoing waste treatment, and are utilized in industrial separation processes such as air floatation.

Dynaflow has also conducted studies on using polymer absorption of toxic chemicals in conjunction with oscillating flow for light weight respirators and gas masks as well for concentration of industrial chemicals when used in conjunction with thermal swing absorption/desorption.

Optical microscopes, incubator, and temperature controlled bath used in environmental studies
Setup of a lab scale testing loop for a multi-stage cascade system

Agar plate of pond water sample, Photomicrograph (x10)

Tested brine shrimp after cavitation jetting using DynaJets®.