Dynaflow Inc. conducts a full range of research, development, and consulting studies on cavitation including analytical, numerical and experimental work. Often a combination of these techniques is used to solve a given problem.

Cavitation on Hydrofoils: Sheet cavitation on hydrofoils is a serious problem that we have modeled using our boundary element code 3DynaFS

Sheet cavity predictions on an elliptic hydrofoil

Vortex Cavitation Inception: Vortex cavitation inception occurs when small bubbles experience a sharp pressure reduction due to capture by the core of a strong vortex causing the bubbles to grow explosively. Such vortices can be generated by a propeller, for example. These bubbles collapse violently when they leave the low pressure region, producing sharp pulses of noise. We have developed software with a variety of bubble dynamics models to simulate bubble dynamics and interaction with the vortex flow field and to predict the acoustic noise

Propeller tip vortex

Liquid remediation and disinfection: Cavitation bubble collapse in a liquid can generate extremely high local pressures and temperatures causing water to dissociate and form hydroxyl radicals, which are very strong oxidizing agents. These radicals undergo oxidation reactions with many undesirable compounds, ultimately producing simple nontoxic substances. The local high pressure and temperatures could also cause cell and microorganism disruption.

DynaSwirl used in remediation and disinfection studies


Cavitation Erosion: The application of bubble dynamics to study material erosion is similar to the underwater explosion but at a smaller scale. When a microbubble collapses near a solid body, a reentrant jet carrying with high pressure and momentum liquid impact on a solid surface and  causes erosion.

Cavitation erosion
Prediction of the pressure field near a collapsing bubble
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