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Focus on Software

The descriptions of the new products listed in this section are based on information supplied to us by the manufacturers. Physics Today can assume no responsibility for their accuracy. To facilitate inquiries about a particular product, a Reader Service Card is attached inside the back cover of the magazine.

Lawrence G. Rubin

Ray-Tracing Program

Lambda Research Corp has announced release 3.2 of TracePro, a 3D virtual prototyping system to facilitate the design and analysis of most illumination and optical systems. Among the features of release 3.2 are an updated irradiance viewer, integrated healing husk, reverse ray tracing, scheme editor, and enhanced graphics. The irradiance viewer is ideal for creating design variations and saving the irradiance/illumination results to text files. The healing husk enables the user to simplify, stitch, and fix poor geometry in an imported CAD-translated file. The reverse ray-tracing feature improves sampling by sending rays from a target instead of forward from a source. TracePro V 3.2.1 addresses and fixes user-identified issues in V 3.2. Lambda Research Corp, 80 Taylor Street, P.O. Box 1400, Littleton, MA 01460-4400,
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Measurement Software Toolkit

Keithley Instruments has developed a Nanotech Toolkit, a set of measurement software tools designed for various tests common to nanotechnology researchers. The Toolkit, compatible with the company's model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System, is designed to shortcut many measurement tasks by providing common routines typically used in testing nanotech devices. Included in the Nanotech Toolkit are icons that represent the 4200-SCS measurement routines for testing devices such as a carbon nanotube-based transistor, a bio-component, a molecular transistor, a molecular wire, a nanowire, and a nanocell. For example, there are tests that plot the current-voltage curves of nanodevices or that make differential conductance measurements on high- or low-resistance nanowires. Keithley Instruments Inc, 28775 Aurora Road, Cleveland, OH 44139-1891,
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Electrical Impedance Tomography

Dynaflow, Inc has introduced DynaEIT, a suite of algorithms for solution of inverse and forward electrical impedance tomography problems. In EIT, the distribution of conductivity inside a container is sought by applying specified currents (or voltages) to a portion of the container surface and measuring the voltages (or currents) at other locations along the surface; those measurements lead to the conductivity distribution inside the domain. Different types of materials have different conductivities, which results in a conductivity map that provides either a two- or three-dimensional image of the material distribution inside the container (see photo). CPU-efficient algorithms were developed for dipole approximation and singular boundary-element methods. Dynaflow Inc, 10621-J Iron Bridge Road, Jessup, MD 20794,
Circle number 183 on Reader Service Card

Bibliographic Software

Thomson ISI ResearchSoft has released Reference Manager 11, a major upgrade to the company's Reference Manager, bibliographic software that streamlines research, writing, and publishing for researchers. Version 11 enables users to publish up to 15 Reference Manager databases to the Web or to an intranet in seconds using the new Web publishing tool. The new subject bibliography feature allows users to create a bibliography with topic headings, and thus provides an easy way to update their curricula vitae and reading lists. Other innovations include the capturing of references directly from a colleague's paper with the export traveling library feature and locating full text faster by connecting to an institution's online resources using OpenURL standards. Reference Manager 11 is designed for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP. Thomson ISI ResearchSoft, 2141 Palomar Airport Road, Suite 350, Carlsbad, CA 92009,
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Graphing and Analysis Software

Origin 7.5 from OriginLab Corporation is the latest version of the company's software, known for its extensive scientific graphing and analysis capabilities. Many new features have been added in version 7.5. An import wizard visually provides step-by-step assistance to import data from ASCII and binary files. More than 60 basic plot types allow quick creation of 2D, 3D, contour, and image graphs. The look of any graph can be changed by applying graph themes. Intuitive analysis tools offer statistics, curve fitting, signal processing, and peak analysis. OriginPro contains all of the features of Origin, plus additional tools such as a peak fitting module, COM client support for building custom reports to be sent to a user's favorite reporting software, and Dialog Builder to create a user's own interfaces. OriginLab Corp, One Roundhouse Plaza, Northampton, MA 01060,
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Add-On Software

National Instruments (NI) has announced LabVIEW 7.1 add-on software, a significant upgrade to the family of LabVIEW graphical development products. The new software extends NI's Express technology, introduced earlier, to automated instrumentation and real-time applications. There are five new Express VIs (virtual instruments) for NI modular instruments. The Express VIs enable users to quickly generate and modify analog and digital stimulus signals for NI PXI- and PCI-based digitizers, signal generators, and high-speed digital I/O. The 7.1 Real-Time module provides NI-DAQmx support for multiboard synchronization, on-time feedback, and rapid implementation of hardware-timed loops. It also offers enhanced debugging tools for real-time applications. National Instruments, 11500 North Mopac, Austin, TX 78759-3504,
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Desktop Tools

Maplesoft's Maple 9.5 expands the type and complexity of problems that a user needs to solve. New features include numeric methods for solutions to optimization problems, solvers for differential-algebraic equation systems and for linear, quadratic, and nonlinear programs, and solvers for linear and nonlinear least-square problems. To manage technical knowledge, Maple 9.5 provides an integrated dictionary of engineering and mathematical terms for instant access to reference information and enhancements to interactive plotting. There are innovative features for education, such as a new student multivariate package including computational routines, topic-specific visualization, and better support of the company's MapleNet and Maple T.A. e-learning solutions. Maplesoft, 615 Kumpf Drive, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2V 1K8,
Circle number 187 on Reader Service Card

Software for Spectral Analysis

Prism Computational Sciences has released PrismSPECT, a collisional-radiation spectral analysis code designed to stimulate the atomic and radiative properties of laboratory and astrophysical plasmas. For a grid of user-specified plasma conditions, PrismSPECT computes spectral properties (emission and absorption) and ionization properties for LTE (local thermodynamic equilibrium) and non-LTE plasmas. The program supports computation of results for a 2D grid of any two of the variables temperature, density, plasma size, composition, external radiation field, and non-Maxwellian electron distribution parameters. PrismSPECT is generally distributed with a set of atomic data for elements from hydrogen through argon (Z = 1 to 18), but data for other elements can be obtained from Prism. Prism Computational Sciences Inc, 455 Science Drive, Suite 140, Madison, WI 53711,
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Noncontact Inspection Systems

AScan software version 3.0 from Cyber Technologies USA provides fast, automatic measurement capability for the company's Vantage or CT300 high-resolution laser-based noncontact inspection systems. The software tool scans and measures 2D profiles and 3D raster data from dispensed adhesive dots (see photo), thick film circuits, solder paste deposits, gaskets, and tiny electronic components. Inspection tasks can be completely automated and results can be stored for further analysis or sent to an existing database. The CyberScan Vantage and CT300 systems combine digital sensor technology with x- and y- translation stages for scanning target objects; the systems incorporate laser sensors and computer-controlled motion. Cyber Technologies USA, 808 Commerce Park Drive, Ogdensburg, NY 13669,
Circle number 189 on Reader Service Card

Software for FTIR Functions

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments' IRsolution software provides 32-bit control for the company's IRPrestige-21 and FTIR-8400S spectrometers. The new software enables operations for FTIR analysis that include spectrum measurement, data display and comparison to other spectra, data processing, and report generation. IRsolution allows the creation of user libraries from acquired spectra and spectral searching of user and commercial libraries. During measurement, a real-time spectrum is displayed on the screen along with hardware settings such as selection of light source, beam-splitter, detector, and accessories. Functions include peak detection, difference spectrum calculation, and Kubelka-Munk conversion. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc, 7102 Riverwood Drive, Columbia, MD 21046,
Circle number 190 on Reader Service Card

Software for Data Collection

TAL Technologies has announced WinWedge Pro V. 3.1.4, which collects serial data from any laboratory instrument or device directly into Excel, Access, LIMS, and other Microsoft Windows applications. The software will support any serial data including ASCII, binary, hexadecimal, and octal, and provides support for up to 99 communication ports simultaneously. The 32-bit program supports all 32-bit features, such as preemptive multitasking and long file names, and is said to be more than 30% faster than 16-bit versions. WinWedge Pro 3.1.4 offers sophisticated data parsing, filtering, and formatting of any type or structure of data and includes 30 math and string functions, such as scaling, conversions, arithmetic, and logical operators. TAL Technologies Inc, 2101 Brandywine Street, Suite 102, Philadelphia, PA 19130,
Circle number 191 on Reader Service Card

Mechanism Design and Analysis

SoftIntegration Inc has developed Ch Mechanism Toolkit 1.0 that contains many mechanism classes and objects for design and analysis. It can handle four-bar, five-bar, and six-bar linkages, crank-slider mechanisms, and cam-follower systems. Ch is a C/C++ interpreter for scripting, shell programming, and numerical computing. Ch Mechanism Toolkit can perform position, velocity, and acceleration analysis for joint angles and coupler points, synthesis of mechanisms, and dynamic analysis based on equations of motion. The Toolkit provides many plotting functions to allow output to be visually displayed or exported as external files. Programs written in the Ch Mechanism Toolkit can work seamlessly with existing C/C++ programs and libraries. SoftIntegration Inc, 216 F Street #68, Davis, CA 95616,
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