Scientists and engineers at Dynaflow Inc. faced with the complexity and limitations of existing contour and vector plotting programs developed their own easy to use software package for visualizing data: DF_Contour®©.

DF_Contour®© generates publication ready visualization and animation graphs from numerical or experimental result data. At Dynaflow Inc. we use this tool to represent results from laboratory experiments and to analyze the results of fluid dynamic programs we have developed such as 2DynaFS© and 3DynaFS©.

Specifically designed to be user friendly, efficient and flexible, DF_Contour®© quickly allows the user to produce color graphic representation of the data in the format chosen.

Formats include:

Vector Fields, Scalar Fields, Shapes or Curves, Markers, etc...

DF_Contour®© recognizes a simple user generated ASCII file format for the representation of numerical data. Only a one-word descriptor is required at the beginning of each data set to let DF_Contour®© identify what type of data is being represented.

DF_Contour representation of pressure contours and velocity vectors for a bubble collapsing below a plate

Upon receipt of DF_Contour®© , you too can easily begin viewing and printing your data. There are no complicated menus or manuals to study and understand before you are up and running. DF_Contour®© is based on a totally intuitive concept and follows the user-friendly Windows environment .

DF_Contour®© Features are

  • Up to 16 different data sets can be viewed simultaneously
  • Sets of data can be displayed on a page in rows and columns
  • Results are printed as displayed
  • Simple point and click graph property modification
  • On the fly selection of color palettes
  • User defined color palettes in a very friendly, intuitive manner
  • On the fly modification of scales
  • Color scalar and vector contour
  • Vector plotting mode
  • Interpolation scheme to enhance poorly described data
  • Outlines, Color Contours, Vectors and Markers can be overlayed on the same graph
  • Animation movie of successive data files
  • User control of all visual aspects of data sets
  • Markers

DF_Contour®© Screen Shots

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