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Dynaperm® Enhanced Particle Filtration System

Date announced: 4 Aug 2005

DYNAFLOW, INC. is pleased to introduce the DYNAPERM® system for enhanced high flux rate filtration of particles from liquids. Laboratory experiments with the patented DYNAPERM® technology have produced flux rate increases of a factor of 50 over conventional cross flow filtration with comparable or improved effluent quality. Part of the development of this system was funded by a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation.

DYNAPERM® is a cross-flow microfiltration concept, which utilizes thick-walled microporous plastic tubes. The micron range pore size and structure can be controlled during manufacturing. The tubes, made from a variety of thermoplastics, are rugged and chemically and biologically inert. DYNAPERM® increases the flux rate and thus economy of particle removal from liquid by combining features of cyclone separation, flow interruption and cross-flow filtration resulting in greatly increased flux rates for near complete removal of suspended particles down to the micron size. Both the microporous plastic tubes and complete systems are marketed.

Applications include stream and effluent treatment roles such as:

• Pretreatment, for suspended solids removal prior to reverse osmosis, carbon adsorption, or ion exchange,

• Polishing, for removal of fine suspended solids after chemical or biological treatment,

• Liquid Reuse, when this is otherwise impeded by the presence of suspended solids,

• In-Plant Processes, for valuable materials recovery,

• Heavy metals removal, when in suspended form,

• Treatment for discharge,

• Dewatering, and

• Biological treatment in combination with DYNAFLOW’S cavitating jet DYNAJETS®.

10621-J Iron Bridge Road
Jessup, MD 20794
Phone: (301) 604-3688
Fax: (301) 604-3689
Web site:

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