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Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer from Dynaflow

Able to measure bubble size distribution and volume fraction of gas in a liquid in 2-phase flow applications, the ABS acoustic bubble spectrometer from Dynaflow, Inc., Jessup, MD, does not require liquid or container transparency. The spectrometer's pair of hydrophones transmits and receives short monochromatic bursts of varying frequencies, letting you determine the attenuation and phase speed in bubbly liquid. Built around a PC Windows platform, the unit includes signal generation and DA cards. Application areas include oceanography, chemical engineering, industrial flows, controlled lab testing, specialty fluids based on gas/liquid mixtures, aeration, heat exchangers, and biomedical instrumentation. (301-604-3688, fax 301-604-3689)

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    Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer from Dynaflow

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