August 28, 2008


High Definition, Ultra-Depth 3D Surface Analysis
KeyenceObservation / Measurement Guide-Vol.2 from KEYENCE contains details and topographic displays of 3D surface analyses such as profile, roughness and comparative measurements. Applications utilize the KEYENCE VK-9700 Laser Confocal Microscope with 18,000X magnification, 0.001µm resolution, a large depth-of-field, and 3D imaging. The VK-9700 complements the SEM. Time-consuming specimen cutting or processing, such as gold-sputtering, is not required.
Keyence Corporation
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Better Temperature Control With Thermocouples & RTDs From Nanmac
NanmacSince 1956, engineers have counted on our fast, reliable, durable USA-made RTDs and thermocouples for easier manufacturing, better parts, and material & energy savings. We've been serving NASA for over 50 years, and continue to lead the world in high performance temperature sensors for indusrty, research, and defense.
Nanmac Corporation
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24 Protein Purifications in One Go with the ProteinMaker™
Emerald Biosystems, Inc.Run 24 chromatography columns simultaneously and increase your sample processing capacity to 288 purified proteins each day. Simple operation, plenty of walk-away time and multi mg yields. The ProteinMaker is easily configured for your protocol, uses your chromatography columns (1 or 5 ml) and can accommodate small or large (max. 250 ml) samples. This automated protein purification workstation is ideal for high-throughput sample purification of tagged protein constructs, protein variants, monoclonal antibodies and more.
Emerald Biosystems, Inc.
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Are You Using Polygon Profiles?
General PolygonCustomed designed to meet your needs, Polygon profiles are the ultimate replacement for keyed or splined aplications. For over 50 years Polygons have been THE proven superior mechanical connection for high speed high tourque drives.
General Polygon Systems, Inc.
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ERI Free 1-hour Webinar series begins September 3rd.
Equipment ReliabilityWayne Tustin will present Fundamentals of Random Vibration and Shock Testing, Ted Kalal will present HALT/HASS/HASA and Practical Design FMEA and Herb LeKuch will present Isolating Shipboard Electronic Equipment. Each is a sample of an upcoming 3-day course.
Equipment Reliability
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9 Megapixel Camera
EPIX, Inc.SV9C10 12 bit color 9 megapixel 7 fps camera takes trigger or free run, is compact, rugged, with flexible interface cable, software controls, and great images at low cost. Area of interest is adjustable for higher frame rates. Capture high quality uncompressed video rate sequences to computer memory or hard drive.
EPIX, Inc.
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Clean and Reliable, Dry Vacuum
Pfeiffer VacuumThe low cost XtraDry dry pump is designed for applications down to .08 Torr where there is a need to pump dry, inert and non-reactive gases. XtraDry delivers high reliability, low particulate generation and reduced maintenance in a simple piston design. It features few moving parts and low vibration, with pumping speeds to 8 cfm.
Pfeiffer Vacuum
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ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer®©
DynaflowWith near real-time extraction of bubble populations from acoustical measurements made at several frequencies, the ABS can be used in various applications including two-phase flow, oceanography, chemical and biomedical engineering, and cavitation studies. The Generation II ABS incorporates many improvements including increased sampling rate which enables bubble detection below 10 microns radius, an integrated hardware box, a laptop configuration, and software with enhanced signal processing. Customizations are available.
Dynaflow, Inc.
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A2 TechnologiesA2 Technologies, is the innovator and manufacturer of hand-held portable Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectrometers, allowing FTIR analysis to be taken out of the lab and put into the hands of field professionals.
A2 Technologies' Exoscan, hand-held FTIR system, is increasingly being deployed for applications where analyzing the condition of a surface is critical. With the ever-expanding use of advanced composites and metals, new tools for non-destructive surface testing are essential, the high performance Exoscan system is proving ideal for molecular analysis of these materials.
A2 Technologies
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Gene Composer: Computer-Aided Gene Design for Protein Expression
EmeraldUtilize all available information for the design of multiple synthetic DNA sequences for protein expression. Are you stitching together sequences by hand using highlighted printouts on a cluttered desk? Are you missing important ligand and surface information when designing complex sets of expression constructs? Employing an integrated high-throughput design approach, this software package displays the context of available gene & structure information and guides you from the original protein sequence to multiple permuted expression clones in a single session.  Download a 30-day trial at the link below!
Emerald BioSystems, Inc.
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New 0.50mm Pitch BGA Socketing System
PictureAt only 2.0mm larger than the device package, this patented socket/adapter design is perfect for development and validation of BGA or LGA devices.
•Superior electrical performance-very low signal attenuation
•High quality screw-machined terminals with multi-finger contacts
•No external hold-down (screws,etc.) required
•RoHS compliant
Advanced Interconnections
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A True Mass Spectrometer at an RGA Price
ExtrelThe MAX LT systems are complete, high sensitivity, high resolution Mass Spectrometers at affordable prices. They come with mass ranges from 100 to 500 amu. They are built to the same high standards of quality and performance that you expect from Extrel equipment.
The MAX-LT systems are ideal for TPD, environmental chemistry studies, residual gas analysis and, when fitted with energy filters, for plasma monitoring, end point detection and SIMS.
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