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ABS-The Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer

Date announced: 4 Jun 2004

ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer®©

DYNAFLOW, INC. is pleased to announce the development of a new instrument for measurement of bubble size distributions and void fractions in gas/liquid mixtures and flows. The ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer®© (ABS) is useful in a wide variety of two-phase flow applications where knowledge of the bubble size distribution, and the volume fraction of gas in the liquid are important. These areas include oceanography, chemical engineering, controlled laboratory testing particularly where cavitation or boiling are possible and the underlying bubble nuclei distribution must be known, industrial flows, specialty fluids based on gas/liquid mixtures, aeration, heat exchangers and biomedical instrumentation. The instrument can provide the data in near real time, thus making it suitable for process or time varying applications.

The ABS Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer®© exploits the fact that bubbles strongly affect acoustic wave propagation. Since a bubble's acoustical cross-section is three to four orders of magnitude greater than its geometric cross-section, bubble content can be easily determined in the presence of particulates. Unlike optical techniques, there is no requirement for liquid or container transparency.

The ABS is built around a PC Windows platform and includes high-speed cards for signal generation and data acquisition. A pair of hydrophones or transducers transmits and receives a series of short monochromatic bursts of varying frequencies from which the attenuation and phase speed in the bubbly liquid are determined. These signals are processed and analyzed with copyrighted software algorithms developed by DYNAFLOW that employ specialized techniques to solve the mathematically ill-posed inverse problem and obtain the bubble size distribution and void fraction. Recently implemented algorithms enable improved operation in the presence of noise.

Measurements are easily and rapidly conducted with the aid of a user-friendly Graphical User Interface. All physical, experimental, and analytical parameters are input by the user via dialog boxes initially loaded with default values. Both raw and processed experimental data can be saved to disk for future use. The results are displayed graphically by the interface in real time and can also be stored or printed.

Initial development was funded by Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards from the National Science Foundation. Following additional development, the ABS is now commercially available. For additional information contact DYNAFLOW at 301-604-3688 (tel), 301-604-3689 (fax), (email) or visit the DYNAFLOW website at

Contact: Dr. Kenneth M. Kalumuck DYNAFLOW, INC. 10621-J Iron Bridge Road Jessup, MD 20794 Phone: (301) 604-3688 Fax: (301) 604-3689
Web site:

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