Dynaflow's Jet Technology Laboratory facilities includes:

  • A 10,000 psi - 20 gpm , A 20,000 psi - 11gpm, or 2,500 psi - 80 gpm diesel pump
  • Flow Loops Test tanks ( a 5 x 6 x 3.5 ft test cell with plexiglass walls on two sides for viewing and a variable speed hydraulically driven translating carriage ) , hydraulic nozzle translator (translating speeds from 0.1 in/s to 3 ft/s), and flow visualization facilities
  • High ambient pressure cell (2800 psi )
  • A 1,500 psi demonstration and erosion test facility
  • A 165 psi Plexiglas jet flow visualization loop
  • An air jet test facility for detailed large-scale air jet studies
  • Acoustic, pressure and flow measurement equipment
  • High speed photography
  • Paint removal tests
Jet test tank with a translator
High Ambient Pressure Cell for Jet Testing and Rock Cutting at Ambient Pressures up to 2800 psi.
List of High Pressure Jet Testing Loops

7ksi- 4gpm Erosion Loop