In-house facilities for disinfection and pollutant removal studies range form bench-top to 11,000 gallon, 0.5 MGD large-scale pilot plants

This equipment includes:   

  • In-line cavitation reactor, 8 liter volume, 10 Hp centrifugal pump.
  • In-line cavitation reactor, 20 liter volume, 5 Hp positive displacement pump.
  • Polycarbonate visualization chamber, 30 liter volume, ¾ Hp 4-stage centrifugal pump.
  • Inert Stainless steel reactor, 12 liter volume, 1 Hp 6-stage centrifugal pump.
  • Large scale pilot plant, 11,000 gallon volume, 15 Hp centrifugal pump.
  • Flow-through reactor, 18 liter volume, 5Hp triple piston pump.
  • • High viscosity / high temperature cavitation testing facility.

High Viscosity / high temperature Cavitation Facility

Dynaflow, Inc. has facilities for testing cavitation in highly viscous materials. A variable frequency drive gear pump, Maag TX36, is used to pump fluids with viscosities up to 170 cP at pressures of up to 2000 psi. The 7-L stainless steel reactor chamber can be heated up to 300 C in a Carbolite 5625 oven. A nitrogen atmosphere is maintained in the reactor oven. The pump head and plumbing can also be heated. The system is designed so that the DynaJets® nozzles can be changed to match the experimental conditions desired. Gas can also be injected into the liquid upstream of the DynaJets® nozzle. A vapor capture system is used to collect volatile components that are released during testing.

High viscosity cavitation testing facility: a variable speed high pressure (2000 psi) pump is used to pump viscous liquids (170 cP). Solution temperature is maintained in a nitrogen atmosphere oven. Gases may also be injected into the system at high pressures.