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Torque Flange

torque flangeHBM’s T10FM torque flange, designed to meet the need for increased measuring ranges, has a combined linearity and hysteresis of 0.1%. The transducer’s short axial design allows high lateral forces and excellent radial stiffness. The T10FM is available in three sizes with normal torques of 15, 20, and 25 kN•m (size 1); 30, 40, and 45 kN•m (size 2); and 50, 60, and 70 kN•m (size 3). The maximum rotational speed of the device depends on its size but ranges from 3,000 to 6,000 rpm. The Tl0FM has no slip rings or bearings, and it requires no maintenance. The torque flange is powered by 18 to 30 V dc, and two standard outputs are available: 10 ±5 kHz full scale and ±10 V fs. Measuring amplifiers are easily linked to other devices using standard interfaces such as RS232/485, Printport, Interbus S, and Profibus DP.

HBM, Inc.
19 Bartlett Street
Marlborough, MA 01752

Luminance Detector

luminance detectorGigahertz-Optik has introduced a new viewing module, the LDM-9810. Combining it with the company’s PD-16VL01 plug-in photometric detector and any of its optometers forms a luminance measurement system with a viewable and sizable target spot. The module has an achromatically corrected 50-mm lens and excellent suppression of stray light. Users can select fields of view of 20´, 1°, or 6° with the twist of a knob. The measurement spot is visible through an ocular viewfinder, and a crosshair targeting aid makes alignment simple over a measurement distance from 0.3 m to infinity. The photometric detector has a photopic adaptation error of less than 3%. Applications include brightness measurements of monitor screens, alphanumeric displays, and illuminated control panels.

Gigahertz-Optik, Inc.
5 Perry Way
Newburyport, MA 01950

High-Speed Camera

hi-speed cameraPCO has introduced its new pco.1200 hs complementary metal oxide semiconductor camera system, which provides users an image rate of 635 fps at its full resolution of 1,280 × 1,024 pixels. Reducing the area imaged further increases the image rate. The pco.1200’s exposure time ranges from 50 ns to 5 s, and its 10-bit pixels provide a memory of up to 4 gigabytes and an image data transfer rate of 1 gigabyte per second. Its ring buffer operation mode enables the use of post triggers to catch the sequence of interest. The camera connects to a personal computer with standard interfaces, such as IEEE1394, USB 2.0, and Gigabit Ethernet.

Donaupark 11, 93309
Kelheim, Germany

Pressure Gauge

pressure gaugeDresser’s new Ashcroft digital gauge, designed for use in tough industrial environments, comes in three models—the basic 2074, and the 2174 and 2274, which have options such as 4–20-mA output and SPDT switches. All three models have a large display and easy-to-use, password-protected menu options, which include 12 engineering units and a menu-configuration feature. Safety features include pressure ranges on the keypad and a bar graph to reduce the possibility of accidental overpressure. The proof pressure equals two times the gauge range, and it meets the ASME B40.7 standard. Users have a choice of three weatherproof case styles: all-welded stainless steel, fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic, or cast aluminum.

Dresser Instruments
250 East Main Street
Stratford, CT 06614-5145

Laser Diode

laser diodeJENOPTIK has expanded its line of laser diode products with the introduction of its 250-W module. This evolutionary advance of its 140-W unit provides enhanced efficiency to the company’s series of fiber-coupled stacks, and gives improved results in material processing in plastic welding and disk-laser pumping.

JENOPTIK Laserdiode GmbH
Göschwitzer Str. 29 D-07745
Jena, Germany

Illumination Source

illumination sourceSpectra-Physics has released the Oriel Uniform Illumination Source. This new arc-lamp system delivers a 1-in.-diameter collimated beam that is uniform to ± 5%. Beam divergence is ± 1.5°. Available dichroic filters shape the spectral output in the ultraviolet and visible wavelengths, and interchanging lamps provide user with different radiation levels.

150 Long Beach Boulevard
Stratford, CT 06615

Wafer-Dicing System

micromachiningJPSA has introduced its IX-300 Chroma- DiceT-UV-DPSS wafer dicing system, with the capability of handling and dicing sapphire, gallium arsenide, and silicon wafers up to 6 in. The ChromaDiceT has an upgraded air-bearing stage that provides high speed and acceleration, and it is available with either 355- or 266-nm high-power, shortpulse ultraviolet lasers for high-speed, high-yield processing of wafers and other materials. An upgraded laser-diode wafer detector is available for all wafer types, which interfaces with the ChromaDiceT’s new motional-control system and allows the processing of any wafer type up to 6 in. on standard dicing tape frames with no damage to the tape. It also enables breaking and stretching for pick-and-place die transfers, and the processing of partial wafers without tape damage.

JPSA Laser
17D Clinton Drive
Hollis, NH 03049

Deposition Tool

deposition toolLesker Co.’s new PVD 75 versatile vacuum- deposition tool enables users to configure the system to suit a variety of thin-film deposition applications. The unit’s 14 × 24-in., D-shaped chamber has an aluminum door with a 33-in.2 viewing area. PVD 75’s standard features include a frontloading box chamber, 250-L/s turbomolecular pump package, integrated touchscreen control, and fully enclosed zero cleanroom footprint when flush-mounted to a wall. Source flange options include magnetron sputtering, electron-beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, and low-temperature evaporation furnaces. Lesker uses proven process modules in manufacturing the PVD 75 to ensure product reliability.

Kurt J. Lesker Co.
1515 Worthington Avenue
Clairton, PA 15025

Backpack Carrier

backpack carrierAnalytical Spectral has created a new backpack carrier for users of its FieldSpec and LabSpec devices who need portability and ease of use. The Ergonomic Pro-Pack backpack weighs 2.49 kg, less than half the weight of the previous carrier, and provides a center of mass closer to the body. An adjustable frame accommodates all body types. The Pro-Pack has a built-in pullout rain hood, a snap-on spool holder for storing fiber-optic cable, and large storage pockets for the notebook controller and other accessories.

Analytical Spectral Devices
5335 Sterling Drive, Suite A
Boulder, CO 80301

Pipe-Mounting Collars

pipe mounting collarsStafford has introduced a full line of stackable pipe-mounting collars with nylon bushings to compensate for thermal expansion and vibration. The two-piece collars have flats on both sides that are drilled and tapped to attach to each other, and a countersunk hole for mounting on any surface. The nylon bushings are split to easily fit into the pipe-mounting collars. They are available in six pipe sizes, ranging from 0.25 to 1.25 in. interior diameter, have one or two flanges, TIPAugSept 7/23/04 9:56 AM Page 41 and come in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. The collars can be obtained with a finished outer diameter.

Stafford Manufacturing Corp.
P.O. Box 2370
Woburn, MA 01888


RPMC has available the new Staccato laser from Lumera Laser GmbH, designed to enhance micromachining productivity. The Staccato N d : Y V O 4 diode-pumped p i c o s e c o n d laser enables micromachining at 100 kHz, and its ~13-s pulses ablate the target material without heating and adversely affecting the areas near it. The laser’s high pulse-repetition rate creates higher micromachining throughput, and the Staccato’s 13-ps-long pulses produce cut-quality in metal essentially identical to that of femtosecond lasers, but do so faster. At 50 kHz, the laser produces ~15 MW/cm2 of peak power at 1,064 nm, which can be focused to a few micrometers. The Staccato fits the need to cut or drill materials 1 mm thick or less. Removal rates vary. For stainless steel, the rate ranges from 1 mm3 in 20 s for surface work to 200 s for high-aspectratio drilling.

RPMC Lasers
203 Joseph Street
O’Fallon, MO 63366

Digital Camera

digital cameraAlternative Vision, North American distributor for HanVision Co., Ltd., has announced the release of the HVDUO-5M one-piece digital camera, which provides high-resolution color images in still and real-time video modes without the artifacts generated by traditional sensors with color-filter arrays. The HVDUO-5M incorporates the Foveon X-3 FO18-50-F19A 4.5-megapixel complementary metal oxide semiconductor direct image sensor, which detects full color at each pixel location. Its features include 24-bit digital color output, real-time color processing, support for still and video sensor scan modes, and a Camera- Link interface. The HVDUO-5M provides 4.5 million pixels in a 2,268 × 1,515 × 3 layer matrix, single-shot or continuous acquisition with selectable exposure, external triggering, and a size of 58 × 58 × 52 mm, which includes a C-mount adapter.

Alternative Vision Corp.
P.O. Box 4055
Los Altos, CA 94024-1055

Design Package

design packageAnsoft has released HFSS 9.2, aimed at meeting the needs of companies to create and verify increasingly complex, high-speed integrated circuits (ICs). Designers use HFSS to work in a broad class of highspeed and high-frequency applications, including ICs and microwave/radiofrequency devices. The latest version of HFSS doubles the size of addressable three-dimensional designs, enhances the user’s ability to automatically generate and manage electromagnetic-based design libraries, and provides seamless threedimensional electromagnetic circuit and system co-simulation. HFSS 9.2’s most broadly applicable feature is increased access to a full 3 gigabytes of memory on Windowsbased personal computers.

Ansoft Corp.
225 West Station Square Drive, Suite 200
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Flow Visualization

Dynaflow’s new 2DFlow allows the visualization of flows induced by distribution singularities such as vortices, dipoles, and sources. Designed for professional and educational use, the software quickly produces graphic representations of many classic fluid-dynamics problems, and it illustrates the use of potential flow theory by combining a uniform flow with a variety of singularities to simulate a wide range of fluidmechanics problems. 2DFlow has a user-friendly graphical interface to access its commonly used functions and features, which include point-and-click singularity insertion and editing, two- and three-dimensional graphical representation of flow quantities, and interactive animation of the flow field.

Dynaflow, Inc.
10621-J Iron Bridge Road
Jessup, MD 20794

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