2DFlow+ is a Microsoft Windows based program for visualizing incompressible fluid flows induced by distributions of vortices, dipoles, and sources. 2DFlow+ graphically illustrates the use of potential flow theory and has the capability to simulate a wide range of flow problems. Designed for the educational market, 2DFlow+ quickly produces graphic representations of many classic fluid dynamics problems which makes it very useful for student comprehension.

2DFlowPlus Display

A screenshot of the velocity potential contour computed and plotted by 2DFLOW

Used in conjunction with a fluid dynamics class,

2DFlow+ can make visualization of flows in textbook theory as easy as a click of the mouse. 2DFlow+ is also valuable to the fluids professional, as it allows the user to visualize and gain intuitive knowledge of complex flows.

2DFlow+ allows the user to choose the locations of boundaries and singularities by using the mouse or by inputting specific coordinates.

2DFlow+ features point and click singularity insertion and can plot velocity vectors  , trajectories, and flow contours (equipotential lines, stream-lines, streaklines, and isobars). Any quantity that is contoured can also be graphed along a defined by the user using the mouse. The flow circulation around a specified point in the flow can also be computed. Additionally, 2DFLOW+ allows particle emission and strain-square emission. These features allow analysis of flow fields and enable firm understanding of fundamental fluid mechanics concepts.
The program also includes a speed bar for fast access to commonly used functions. Support color graphical output is includes several provided color-palettes. A number of color-palettes are supplied. In addition the program allows users to define their own palettes. Results can be exported to other MS Windows applications such as Excel.

Additional Features in 2DFlow+

  • Enhanced Graphical User Interface
  • Lines of Singularities
  • Solid objects outline
  • Enhanced Particle Emission from an Area or from a Contour
  • Interactive mode - Moving Vortices and Fluid Particles
  • Iso-Lines
  • Circulation
  • Force and Flux computations
  • 3D Graphs

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